torsdag 20 september 2012


I have just finished the book Plague by Michael Grant. My sister says she want´s to read it but I don´t know I´ts a lot darker and angsty then the other ones in the series( I love it of course!!!). If you think you can handle it then you´re welcome to the Zone. One day every one over fifteen disapeard and left were the children. Some of the children are called mutants and have different powers like shooting laser beams and running really fast and so on. The first book Gone isn´t as angsty and dark as the one I just read. They grow darker the more you read. If you want to read them I think you can borrow them from a library at least the first three. the english names for the books is Gone, Hunger, Lies and Plague. If you can´t handle cannibalism and worms that eat their way through your body (or angsty books in general) do not read!! But of course there are heroics in the books too.

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