tisdag 25 juni 2013

Ostfrallor/Cheese roll

Jag bakade 24st ostfrallor igår nu finns bara två kvar...om mamma inte ätit upp dem två än förstås. Med andra ord blev dem sjukt goda och ni borde definitivt prova receptet som ni hittar HÄR

Yesterday I baked 24 chesse rolls now there are only two left... if mum haven´t eaten those two yet. Which means they were delicious and you should make them. I am even so kind that I will translate the recipe for you. (but I will use grams and liter just so you know)

To make twelve chesse rolls you need

25g yeast
4dl water
25g margarine/butter
1 yolk
1 tbsp honey
1 teaspoon salt
9-10dl flour
grated cheese ( chosse the amount for yourself, I did)

  1. put the yeast in a bowl (if it isn´t already in crumbs then destroy it like you would crush your worst enemy)
  2. melt the butter or margarine. pour in the water and heat it until it is lukewarm.
  3. dissolve the yeast in some of the liquid. Add the rest of the liquid as well as the honey and yolk.
  4. put in almost all the flour and knead the dough thoroughly for five minutes. Mix in the salt at the end.
  5. let the dough ferment for 45 minutes
  6. Then knead the dough on a floured Surface and make twelve buns. Put the buns  on a bakingsheet
  7. Let the buns ferment for another 45 minutes
  8. turn on the oven. It should be 225C or 437F
  9. brush the buns with water and then put as much cheese as you want on top of the buns.
  10. bake them in the oven for 12 minutes. The recipe said to lower the heat after five minutes. Mine that I didn´t lower the heat on got a better colour then the ones I did lower the heat on.

PS. Yolk, Yolk?!?! That might be the weirdest word I have ever Heard. If I had not looked up the word I would have written egg yellow because that would have been the swede way to write. On Another note we actually have a word for mixing Swedish and English it is called svengelska and egg yellow is a great example of it...

Okay I still cannot let yolk go. I mean Yolk?!?

PPS. Lukewarm!?! It sounds almost as ridiculous as yolk.

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